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GROUNDING Oily macerate

GROUNDING Oily macerate

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The powerful active plant macerations created by Cat are used as anointing on candles and/or rubbing between the palms. They diffuse aromas that open us to the desired and prepared changes. These blends offer stability in our choices, activating motivation, manifestation, and consecration.

An oleic blend infused with plants favorable to conscious and connected centering. This potion brings unshakeable self-confidence in a centering momentum that lifts each life experience as a component of personal strength. It is inspired by the serenity of the earth and intended for rapid rooting work.

A few drops of Ancr-AGE macerate warmed in the palm of the hands before a ritual activity, revives stability through its odorous power. By being fully present in mind, it directs the heart on the same axis and brings into symbiosis both stability and security under our feet.

With its few hints of essential aromas, it influences the autonomous aspects which allow energy to be conserved in intentional work and charges of power. Strongly dedicated to restoring the wisdom that strengthens inner strength, it allows the flow of energy necessary to accomplish our aspirations with projected certainty.

• Sunflower and coconut oil base *WARNING OF ALLERGIES*
• Plant extracts: Balsam fir, Lemon Eucalyptus, Black spruce and more...
• Continued maceration of essential aromas: Vetiver, Patchouli, Local Cedar, Myrrh and Benzoin
• Glass bottle with glass dropper
• Size: 5 ml
• Dimensions: 3.5 x 0.5 inches (9 x 1 cm)

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