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SATURN Planetary oil

SATURN Planetary oil

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This planetary oil is related to Saturn; synonymous with training. Planet unfairly qualified as "great evil" in mythology, also called the Dark Mother, Saturn is linked to time and the solidity of everything. It is used for agriculture, legal affairs, protection, stability, patience, teaching, wisdom, and discipline. This oil contains a slight scent of grapefruit and macerates in a mixture of herbal powders related to Saturn. Its container is made of glass, so reuse it for other ritual works!

• Yerba Santa, Fenugreek, Seal of Solomon, Comfrey, Mullein, Hamamelis
• Olive oil base
• Glass bottle with glass dropper
• Format: 30 ml
• Dimensions: 4 x 1 inch (10 x 3 cm)

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