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Valérie's father, also called LE GUY by the team, spends a lot of time in the forest, to find our raw materials. In the respect of natural magic, it is important for him to observe the traditions and to take only the right measure. Each equinox, he recovers water from a natural source, filtered by moss and plants; resurgence water (also called Easter Water).

What is so special about this water? Equinox water has the curious property of never becoming troubled and remaining pure. Le Guy owns a bottle from 2015, which is still clear after all this time. Purified from the elements, harvested by hand, this powerful water is perfect for ritual use.

Resurgence water is effective in transformation and renewal spells. Some practitioners massage their bodies with this water to improve healing and restore health. You can use it to consecrate, clean your stones and tools and even purify your hands before a ritual. An all-purpose component for your practice kit!

• Comes with activation instructions (English version on parchment paper)
• Height of 5 inches (13 cm)
• Lotion bottle / Glass / 2 oz.
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