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2 DOUBLE-WICK Herbal candles

2 DOUBLE-WICK Herbal candles

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Our white candles are filled with a blend of herbs associated with defense and protection. Charge the candle with your intention. Pierce the candle in the middle with a large needle or skewer attached to a cork (or something similar), in the middle of a plate. Make your request and light both wicks at the same time, as soon as the flames meet your request is sent. If you are working in a safe location, you can also write your request on a thin sheet of paper, wrapped around the center, to burn as the flames meet!

Like all our candles, they are hand-rolled and are 100% natural and compostable! Make good use of them and let their flames be bright!

• 2 candles
• Ethical beeswax from Vancouver, Canada
• Contains: Oak, Juniper, Eggshell Powder
• Cotton wick
• Burns cleanly, soot-free
• Dimensions: 4.5 x 1.5 inches (11 x 4 cm)
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