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LOT Wood incense

LOT Wood incense

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Wood incense is an excellent ally for purification. As they do not burn quickly and must be lit constantly, they are ideal for purifying objects or a room. The carbonized part can even be used to draw sigils, providing the same properties as its original essence.

Cedar is used for the purification of places, especially to drive out negative energies. Maple is used for love, in reference to its power of attraction. It also attracts prosperity. Pine is used for fertility spells. Whether for a project or conception. Hemlock is used for everything related to transformation, whether you are in a situation of transition or renewal. Fir is used to alleviate negativity in a place, perfect after a moment of great sadness, mourning, or serious illness.

• Length of 4 inches (10 cm)
• Cedar, Maple, Pine, Hemlock, Fire
• One stick of each essence

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