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For serious practitioners who want products for their October rituals!

This naturobox contains:

- 3 black candles: beeswax, standard size: 4 x 0.5 inches (11 x 1 cm)
- 3 white candles: beeswax, standard size: 4 x 0.5 inches (11 x 1 cm)
- A double wick herbal candle
- One hematite rosary necklace: 10 inches (25 cm) length, stainless steel
- An oily macerate La Belle Verte 5 ml
- A pot of pre-ritual salt (Sea salt, Eyebright, Solomon's Seal, Lavender and more) 30g
- 2 crystals with pouch (Howlite & Clear Quartz)
- A fumigation stick (Blue Sage)
- A scroll explaining the use of the content
- Instructions
- Personalized note

Blue sage is a good alternative to white sage. This type of sage has a milder scent, which is preferred by many when it comes to self or home cleansing. It is burned to send negative vibes and illness while inviting peaceful energies and harmony.

Hand rolled by Valérie. They are made from ethical Canadian beeswax. Cotton wicks burn cleanly, without producing soot. Each candle burns for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Black is used to symbolize endings, deaths and transitions. White is a shade associated with protection and purification. It can replace any color, is linked to the Moon, peace, meditation, healing and spiritual strength.

Our white candles are filled with a blend of herbs associated with defense and protection (Oak, Juniper, Eggshell Powder). Charge the candle with your intention. Pierce the candle in the middle with a large needle or skewer attached to a cork (or something similar), in the middle of a plate. Make your request and light both wicks at the same time, as soon as the flames meet your request is sent. If you are working in a safe location, you can also write your request on a thin sheet of paper, wrapped around the center, to burn as the flames meet!

This short necklace was created by Valérie for rooting. Made up of hematite stones, its properties include acceptance, protection and centering. This necklace is a perfect ally for people who are anxious and who need to feel supported on a daily basis.

Clear Quartz is a master healer and power amplifier. It has the property of purifying other stones and charging herbs or ritual tools. Howlite is a white stone; a color associated with protection, purification. It can replace any color, is linked to the Moon, peace, meditation, healing and spiritual strength. Your intuition and your experience will help you discover the secrets of your stone.

This powerful maceration of active plants created by Cat, anointed on candles and/or rubbed between the palms, diffuses its aromas which open us to the desired changes. This mixture (Lemon Eucalyptus, Plantain, Black Spruce, Comptonia traveler, etc. based on sunflower oil) offers stability in our choices, activating motivation and allowing better concentration. The beautiful green strengthens intuition and accentuates the vital force that connects us to nature. This oily macerate grants open-mindedness in ritual work. It helps to have a clearer and lighter mind through its virtues of purification and regeneration, when there is "intention". Comes with a cedar ball to coat for massage.

This mixture was prepared by Valérie and it contains eyebright powder, Solomon's Seal root, lavender flowers and a sea salt base. The pre-ritual blend contains herbal powders that are both purifying and power-amplifying. Perfect for a ritual bath before your magical works or celebrations. To use before a ritual or during the new moon.

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