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HERBS, INCENSES, OILS (Levels 1-2-3)

HERBS, INCENSES, OILS (Levels 1-2-3)

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Witches have always been linked to cupboards full of mysterious vials, containing strange and rare ingredients. The receipts had gone from mother to daughter, plants had disgusting names to discourage too curious eyes. The birth of pharmaceuticals was based on alchemy (a combination of spirituality and chemistry), herbs, incense, or oils were used for their properties. This class covers the basics of herbalism, focused on the practice, and is related to the elements.

If you've taken our first-level class, you already know the ritual uses of herbs, incense, and oils, in the practice of natural magic. Now let's have an intuitive approach to these organic allies. How to choose the herbs we need? How to interpret the smoke of incense following a request? How do you know when an oily maceration is ready to use? You will find in this class some tips, to guide you through this universe filled with possibilities to amplify your ritual works.

The triad that we have presented to you throughout this series of lessons is made up of essential materials that have always been used by ancient peoples. Beyond what we suggest to you, we can also easily imagine that these uses give these materials a very strong and solid spirit, like egregores that we continue to bring to life by using them, also knowing that their properties have been applied over and over again and that if this knowledge has come down to us, it is not just a question of belief, but of real application in the field, both at the medicinal level (naturopathy, herbalism) and spiritual support in the multiple paths that dot our planet.

Teachers: Valérie & Maggÿe
Printable PDF file: 33 pages

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