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PRACTICE (Levels 1-2-3)

PRACTICE (Levels 1-2-3)

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We take a look at the most frequently used tools in natural magic. The practitioner and his knowledge are the only essential tools for performing ritual works, but all the tools are of great help in clarifying and focusing on the intention while providing symbolism and power to the practitioner. They have proven themselves for centuries, are easily accessible, and will help you through your practice. Ritual tools should be consecrated and dedicated only to magic. They are charged during certain astral events or celebrations. Follow your intuition, according to some traditions, the ritual tools will differ. It's up to you to use them or not, in your own practice.

Ways to turn household chores into magical chores… Getting to a new home: dos and don'ts… Develop a garden with properties… Various superstitions and traditions about home magic folklore ... Include your pets in your esoteric routine ... Protection's talismans of all kinds for the home ... This class allows to quickly skim over these interesting little tips, which can make your house more harmonious and filled with positive energy.

Practicing alone or in a coven (grouping of several practitioners) is a personal choice. We favor solitary practice since even when being a member of a coven, there will be times when you want to collect your thoughts for yourselves. One is not more traditional than the other and there is certainly not a practice that is better than the other. Whatever practice is chosen, the goals and laws of power remain the same. Do your research and experiment to find which one is best for you. Never impose on yourself anything that makes you feel uncomfortable in your practice. It is also important to specify that even if you practice in solitary, nothing prevents you from celebrating with other practitioners.

Teacher: Valérie
Printable PDF file: 45 pages

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