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MAGIC FOR TEENS (L2) Sources of Power

MAGIC FOR TEENS (L2) Sources of Power

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Welcome to this class, you to whom the world is open to all possibilities. Well, that adolescence is a space in which it is not always easy to move forward, there are things within your reach, to go through these trials and these moments of joy that shape you. These are sometimes trying experiences, but which allow you to know yourself, and to know this world around us. Sometimes we can live off disappointment, but also magnificent moments. Anyway, you have this document in your hands, and we hope it will allow you to move forward and give you the tools - knowledge - to turn, when the need arises, to "this great green wall", this nature which is there, for, and with us. We hope you have encountered the practical exercises of Level 1. If you have not done so, it is important to do so. It can be your refuge when you need to get back on your feet for a moment, and nature is EVERYWHERE.

Teacher: Maggÿe
Printable PDF file: 9 pages

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