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For curious practitioners who want accessories to connect to the energies of the month!

This naturobox contains:

- 2 black candles: beeswax, small size: 2 x 0.5 inches (5 x 1 cm)
- 2 white candles: beeswax, small size: 2 x 0.5 inches (5 x 1 cm)
- A double wick herbal candle
- 10 Palo Santo incense cones
- 10 white sage incense cones
- A Purification ritual set
- A sigilized hemp pouch
- An amulet with bells
- A crystal with pouch (Clear Quartz)
- A scroll explaining the use of the content
- Instructions
- Personalized note

Handmade by Valérie. This amulet includes a square, rusty nail (symbol of protection), a few bells and a small padlock-shaped charm. To shake in a room or around your altar to purify by sound.

Hand rolled by Valérie. They are made from ethical Canadian beeswax. Cotton wicks burn cleanly, without producing soot. Each candle burns for approximately 45 minutes. Black is used to symbolize endings, deaths and transitions. White is a shade associated with protection and purification. It can replace any color, is linked to the Moon, peace, meditation, healing and spiritual strength.

Our white candles are filled with a blend of herbs associated with defense and protection (Oak, Juniper, Eggshell Powder). Charge the candle with your intention. Pierce the candle in the middle with a large needle or skewer attached to a cork (or something similar), in the middle of a plate. Make your request and light both wicks at the same time, as soon as the flames meet your request is sent. If you are working in a safe location, you can also write your request on a thin sheet of paper, wrapped around the center, to burn as the flames meet!

Clear Quartz is a master healer and power amplifier. It has the property of purifying other stones and charging herbs or ritual tools. Your intuition and your experience will help you discover the secrets of your stone.

HEM Incense Cones have a rich scent that lasts, which is why we decided to stock them to complement our variety of incense for all your ritual needs. Palo Santo is used to attract energies of harmony. Ideal incense for purification and optimism. It is also burned as incense as an offering to the energies. White sage is a must when it comes to purification. It is also burned for requests for healing and in rites of passage. It is an herb associated with connecting to spirits.

In negative moments (quarrels, sadness, stress), our home absorbs this unhealthy and heavy energy, which stagnates in the place. This is why it is always advisable to purify our home on a regular basis, to lighten the atmosphere and chase away negativity. It is also wise to purify a new home; the energy of the last occupants may not have been very positive and could affect yours. This ritual set contains everything you need to purify; instructions included!

This all-purpose bag of chav is decorated with a sigil symbolizing dismissal and banishment. You can place crystals, herbs or any other magical accessory there to keep negative energies away from you.

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